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All our coffee is fairly traded, sustainably farmed, and ethically sourced. We work year on year with the same farming communities to ensure long and productive working relationships, and transparency in our sourcing. The traceability of our coffee is very important to us, as is the ethics used in the growing and sourcing of it. We choose coffees from many different countries and no certification method covers all origins.

We source our beans from the farmers who produce exceptional coffee, and reward them by paying well over the fairtrade premium price. Paying a premium price for a specialty product ensures the farmers and producers make a greater return than they would have if they had traded via the commercial fairtrade channel.

Many of the farms we source our coffee from tend to be very small, and the expense of Organic certification just isn’t a possibility for them. The vast majority still farm using traditional methods, which means their coffee is organic by tradition as they have only ever used local bio-products to enrich their soils.

So, rather than taking a simplistic view and only buying a coffee because its certified Fairtrade or certified organic, we instead source coffee which is traceable, and consider the processes and procedures our producing farmer has in place to minimise their environmental impact, as well as the taste in the cup, and ensure they receive a price that is significantly above the 'fairtrade' price due to the quality of the coffee they are producing.

All of our coffee is roasted to order, and we recommend that for best results you use our coffee within 6 weeks of roasting if it is supplied as whole beans. For pre-ground coffee, we recommend using within 3 weeks.

We always recommend purchasing whole beans, but can grind if requested. The reason for this is that whole coffee beans keep longer, and by grinding beans at home yourself, you will have greater control over the extraction as the beans age as you will be able to 'fine tune' the grind as needed to get the most enjoyable extraction from the beans.

Coffee (beans or ground) should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place - but not in the fridge or the freezer.