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Roastworks Coffee Co.
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Whether you are looking to open a new cafe, or simply want to start using fresher higher quality specialty coffee, then Roastworks Coffee Co. can help.


Roastworks Coffee Co. is the wholesale roasting division of Bean Drinking.

Since we began roasting, we have had a constant stream of requests to supply wholesale coffee. We evaluate each request on merit. We believe relationships are important, and therefore we are keen to only see our coffee used by wholesale partners who share the same passion and enthusiasm for coffee, sustainability and quality that we do.

Our goal and promise to those who buy our beans is based on a simple premise.

- We provide a great product.
- You provide your enthusiasm for coffee, and convey that to your customers.
- Working together, we can put your business ahead of those around you.


As our focus is on roasting, our capital goes into securing the best green beans and products we can find. We do not provide espresso machines and grinders 'on loan', but we can help you by recommending and helping you to source the right equipment for your budget.

We believe sharing knowledge is important to a successful partnership. The better informed our wholesale partners are about the origin of their coffee and how to get the most out of it, the more your customers will get out of their coffee experience.

We are not looking to be on every street corner, and we don't have sales reps. Instead we are just proud of what we do, which is source and roast some amazing specialty coffee's.

We let the coffee speak for itself, and simply attempt to showcase and share the journey the coffee has travelled, and all of the hard work the farmers put into growing the green beans we have been entrusted with.


To continue the conversation and find out how we can work together to deliver a coffee experience in your business, CONTACT US