Coffee at home: How To Pick The Best Blend For you?

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Brew Guides

Are you new to specialty coffee? If yes, you might have tried different coffee blends and have wondered why I can’t get a quality taste while making coffee at home. Failing to get the taste you want, even after trying several blends and cleaning the coffee machine, again and again, leads to frustration.

Choosing the right coffee bean is as crucial as selecting the right equipment. Coffee is all about taste. If you want to relish the delicious taste of coffee, you must focus on choosing the right coffee blends. Otherwise, you will end up compromising on the taste. Here we will discuss some of the tips that you should consider while choosing the coffee for yourself.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Coffee Blend

While shopping for coffee blends, make sure to purchase a fresh blend that you love drinking in the morning. Make sure that you consider the following aspects while choosing the coffee blend to make delicious coffee at home.

1.     Roast Level for coffee at home

The taste of the coffee blend is significantly determined by the degree to which the coffee beans are roasted. Following are some of the exciting facts about roast level.

  • As the coffee roast gets darker, it starts losing its original flavor and takes more flavor from the roasting process.
  • Until the second crack, the coffee body gets heavier, after which the body starts thinning again.
  • Lighter roasts offer more acidity than darker roasts.
  • Beans that are lightly roasted are dry, while the ones that are darkly roasted develop oil on the bean surface.
  • As the roast gets darker, the caffeine level decreases.
  • Coffee beans that are lightly toasted offer pronounced acidity. The original flavor of the beans is retained to a much greater extent in the darker roasted coffees.

Medium roasted coffees have no oil on the bean surfaces and have more body than light roasts. However, medium roasts lack grainy taste and exhibit more balanced flavor, aroma and acidity. The caffeine content in medium roasted coffees is somewhat less; however, it is more than in darker roasts. Don’t skip trying boots blend by Roastworks.

2.     Roast Date for coffee at home

While purchasing the coffee, make sure to check the blend’s packaging. It should highlight when the particular blend was roasted or when it will be “best by?” Generally, the coffee blend tastes best when brewed anywhere between 1-3 weeks after roasting. After this duration, the coffee starts to get stale and loses its most delicious and fresh aroma.

While purchasing coffee blends, opt to go for coffee blends that have been recently for the best overall taste.

3.     Flavor Profile

Coffee blends are usually smooth, complex, acidic, sweet, and light. All these characteristics depend on what the roaster wants to accomplish with the mixture. This means that you must choose a blend that most appeals to your flavor and preferences.

So, while searching for the coffee options at your local grocery store, make sure to go through flavor profiles and look for tasting notes that you love. I recommend you trying Background Blend by Roastworks.

4.     Whole Bean or ground? What’s better for coffee at home?

It is imperative to purchase whole bean coffee blends and grind right before brewing because coffee begins to lose its flavor, freshness, and aroma after 30 minutes of grinding. So, avoid choosing pre-ground coffee blends; otherwise, you will get stuck with bland tastes.

5.     The Roaster’s Values

In the recent past, coffee blends had a bad reputation. The reason for this bad reputation was roasters engaging in bad practices such as using old coffee in blends and sourcing low-grade coffees. Hence, it is crucial to review the roaster’s values before choosing a particular blend.

Go through the blend’s packaging and see anything about their transparency in sourcing and buying coffee. Also, explore more information about their commitment to customers and the community. Pay heed to know more regarding their roasting approach.

Always choose those blends that not only align with your taste preference but also align with your values.

Final Words

We hope this guide was helpful for you in choosing the best coffee blends. If you want to enjoy a refreshing aroma and delicious taste of coffee, you must pay heed to buy the best blends for brewing a perfect cup of coffee at home. We specialize in making delicious coffee blends for our customers. If you are searching for the best coffee blends, do not delay visiting our store right now.

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