Coffee Tour in the world: coffee in france!

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Our tour in search of coffees around the world has arrived in France! Let’s find out a little about the history of this country and how is coffee in France!

A little bit of french history

This country belongs to the European Union and has a long history. From medieval times, to colonial period, France has gone through a lot. Have gone through several wars, such as those terrible ones with England.

But the most remarkable historical moment in all history books is undoubtedly the French revolution.

This revolution changed the country’s political logic and probably the rest of the modern world as well. Exporting a model of modern democracy.

Not only that, France is recognized worldwide for its culinary excellence. And also for forming unforgettable visual artists such as Monet, Renoir, Degas and Toulouse Lautrec.

In the capital, the city of Paris, there are incredible museums like the Louvre Museum and the Orsay museum.

Cafes in France

In France there is a habit of frequenting cafes, which have existed since the 17th century. Much of the political life, discussions and conspiracies, like the ones against the monarchy, took place in cafeteria spaces. There is even a very famous one that Jean-Paul Sarte and Simone de Beauvoir frequented, called Café de Flore.

Thus, French coffees are part of the country’s culture, a place of memory and socialization. Life in cafes witnessed a diverse historical process.

How they drink coffee?

When we talk about France and coffee, we immediately think of the French press coffee maker.

However, in the history of this coffee maker, that produces divine coffee by the way, it has a curiosity: it was not invented in France but in Italy! In fact, there is a long discussion between French and Italians to finally decide who invented the coffee maker.

Nonetheless, it is claimed that it was the Italian Attilio Callimani who held the first patent in 1929, eternalizing the design of his coffee maker. Interestingly, the first model to appear what would become the French press much later was made by the French in 1852. So there remains the doubt, who in fact can be considered the creator? Well, thinking that we have a coffee maker that produces delicious coffee, it doesn’t matter who invented it, but how the whole world embraced the invention.

Delicious coffee in the French Press

What to expect from a french press after all? Well, this method is by a full immersion brewing device with a metal mesh filter. The press produces a stronger and fuller coffee. Very close to the espresso but a little more diluted.
What is most amazing about this method is that it is a 100% manual action that does not need electricity.

In addition, for those who are concerned with the environment, the French press does not use a paper filter. Which means that produces a minimum amount of waste.

How to make a PROFESSIONAL french coffee (but at home)

Here we will bring you some tips on how to make delicious and professional coffee using your French press at home. You can drink coffee like in france but at your own house.
Starting with an extremely important factor: grinding!
This method is a form of fermentation and is very vulnerable to over-extraction. What does that mean? It is about the importance of the grind size, as it must be quite thick. The texture should resemble beach sand.
This is because if it is too thin there will be no time for the hot water to extract the coffee at its best, because the plunger and the metal filter will end up allowing the very fine beans to pass through them. So the brewing process will not be as it should be.

Hot water: water temperature is another important variable, but it varies according to your taste. It is not good to put the boiling water directly on the French press, it is recommended to wait a few seconds before finally putting it on. The indicated temperature is 90 degrees celsius.

How much coffee to put: It is important to think about the proportion of water and coffee. The milliliters of hot water are usually divided into grams of coffee, such as 15 grams of powder to 230 ml of water. An indication is to adjust for each taste, whether stronger or more diluted.

Infusion time: varies between 3 to 5 minutes, for a darker coffee, leave five minutes, if not, you can take it with three minutes.

Remember: As the water remains in contact with the coffee, even after the plunger has already been lowered, the extraction process continues to happen. Which means that if coffee is not served on time, it will be bitter.

How to make your coffee, step by step of fermentation

Start by adding your coarse ground coffee in the French press. then slowly add the hot water. Wait a few seconds and add the rest of the water. position the plunger in the french press but be smart not to dive yet.
Leave the infusion time for 3-5 minutes and finally, dip with a slow and delicate movement, leading to the bottom of the coffee maker.
Tip: when pouring coffee into your cup, be careful not to be rough and stir the coffee at the bottom.

Et voilá, you will have a wonderful French coffee at your house!

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