How to brew delicious coffee at home

by | Nov 15, 2020 | Brew Guides, Knowledge

You went to a cafe and had a great experience, drank an excellent coffee in a comfortable decor with good service, wow, that’s great. Then you get home and your coffee is kind of boring and tasteless. Well, let´s work this out! It is very possible to have delicious coffee made by yourself at home.

We have compiled here some tips for you to make delicious coffee at home.

1. Find your favorite kind of coffee beans

When we talk about coffee, we need to consider the huge variety of flavors, which is a complex area after all. There are coffees coming from different places in the world. There are different coffee makers and techniques for making many types of coffee. We need to think about the flavors and textures that interest you, so the first choice is which coffee beans to buy. We suggest that you study the types before buying and when tasting coffees you like in cafes, write down the names of the ones you like best.

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Now let’s go on a mental tour of the world. Starting with the regions of the world’s largest coffee producers: Central America, South America, and Africa. There are many possible choices to be made, so you can choose coffees from Costa Rica or Guatemala that are more traditional with more chocolatey flavors. Then from Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia tend to have a very thick texture and heavy body. Finally, coffees from Kenya or Ethiopia are more floral and citrus flavor and tend to have higher levels of acidity.

2. Coffee Beans and the best way to store it at home

Once you bought your desired coffee you have to think about how it should be stored so it will remain tasty after being opened. A lot of people have no idea how is the best way to store your opened bag of coffee beans. Of course the fresh product still the best in terms of quality, a bag of beans newly opened has a unique and special aroma. But thinking about the speed of daily life it is necessary to think the best within the conditions you have.

So the best way to make your coffee is fresh out of the bag. Yet storing your coffee in the freezer guarantee quality for a longer time. Consider that it may just be a little softer than the fresh equivalent. Very important: do not leave it on the shelf as it will lose its flavor quickly and you will be disappointed.

Make sure the coffee has as little contact with oxygen as possible. Also a good strategy is to buy in small quantities because when buying large packages of coffee means that fresh coffee goes without being used for longer.

3. What is your coffee maker goal?

You don’t need a very expensive, fancy, and professional espresso machine to make a great delicious coffee at home. Begin with the grinder, having one is important because buying coffee beans guarantees a stronger and longer-lasting flavor. This way, it is better than buying ground coffee directly and you grind the coffee at the time you are going to make it.

There are several types of coffee makers that you can buy and do it at home, such as aeropress, french press, moka pot (from the best known brand Bialetti) and Filter or drip coffee.

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4. Choose the best coffee maker to brew coffee at home

The choice of the coffee maker has to do with what you feel like having a good coffee. This is referring to the way you want to have it and each one of them has specific characteristics.

Here are some of their differences:

a. Aeropress: this one has become very famous in cafes around the world. Being a taste very close to what you would have in a professional cafe. It takes patience because the coffee is not ready immediate, it takes a minute to decant and then another 30 seconds to push the plunger down.

b. French Press: it´s a very common coffee pot found in several stores. The most important part is that the ratio of coffee to water to get a good extraction of flavor. The first thing is to remove the plunger, put the ground coffee, and add hot water. It takes around four minutes before plunging and then serving.

c. The Moka Pot: very popular in Italian kitchens, this coffee maker produces a thick and heavy body coffee. You put the freshly ground coffee, the water and the coffee maker itself performs the process of raising the coffee. It is interesting for not using disposable filters.

d. Filter Coffee: is also commonly known as a coffee dripper. This method produces a more delicate and dissolved coffee. the measures of coffee and water are essential to produce a good coffee that is not too tasteless. In the paper filter, add around 20 grams of ground coffee to 300 ml of hot water. Let it brew in your mug. Negative part: it produces much more garbage than the previous ones.

You can choose one or all of the above to try whatever is most pleasing to your taste.

Get creative and have fun!

Once you have your favorite beans and your chosen coffee maker, you may want to be more inventive with the coffee you drink at home. Every place in the world has a tradition related to coffee time and how it is made. Investigating these stories is quite incredible and an opportunity to get to know other cultures through coffee.

It is very interesting to look for these different recipes, for example, in Vietnam. This asian country that due to the influence of french colonization they put condensed milk and ice in the coffee. They even have a stainless steel press for individual coffees, it’s a beautiful and juicy drink.

You can drink hot or cold coffee, or add milk, cream, chocolate and whipped cream!

There are so many delicious and tasty possibilities. And if you want a big change you can make alcoholic drinks based on coffee. Some like a Cuban coffee with a shot of rum and mint, or maybe Irish coffee with a shot of whiskey.

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