How to Make the Perfect Long Black Coffee at Home?

by | May 11, 2021 | Brew Guides

Have you got a challenge to make the perfect long black coffee at home? No matter whether you’ve to prepare the dreamy coffee for yourself or your dear ones, the task is demanding.

Why am I saying so? Even baristas at cafes fail to make it. 

I can recall how awful a long black coffee was at a local bar in Melbourne last year. On the other hand, another was so amazing that I longed to learn the art of making a long black coffee. 

Getting that? Yes, you might have also gone through the same. That’s why today, I’ll be sharing my recipe of long black coffee to help you win the crown of a coffee barista at home.

Excited? Let’s get started with this read with no further delay.

What Makes a Perfect Long Black Coffee at Home.

Yep, knowing what Long Black coffee really is essential before making it. Many people confuse Long Black coffee with just “Black Coffee,” known as Americano. 

However, Australia’s favourite Long Black coffee has taken birth out of Americans’ trip to Italy. At Italian cafes, they demanded Americano coffee. 

But being less familiar with their demanded recipe, Italian baristas poured the shot of espresso over the hot water-filled cup. The result was another great coffee recipe, with much loveable Crema at the top. And, of course, the taste was also matchless.

So, if you think espresso is mixed with hot water, you’re mistaken. Instead, here is what a mesmerising and memorable Long Back coffee is:

  • Double shot espresso brew;
  • A cup of filtered hot water of nearly 70-80 degrees Celsius that receives the drip of espresso, sitting under the espresso machine spouts;
  • Finely grounded fresh and dark roasted Arabica beans of a caster sugar texture;

(you can go for some other blends like Robusta as well if you have a taste for them. However, long black coffee is about sweet aromatic, thick and dark flavours.)

  • A professional espresso machine for home; 

Your Long Black coffee without an espresso machine is just like planning a trip to Mars by bicycle. I’ve my La Marzocco-Linea Mini. You can guess what a passion for coffee I’ve got!

So, considering all these essentials, you’re ready to make Long Black coffee at home.

My Recipe for Perfect Long Black Coffee at Home

Here is my recipe to guide you on how to make long black coffee a home.


  • Espresso machine
  • Kitchen weighing scale
  • Premium quality roasted coffee beans of 23g to extract 20ml of espresso by brewing for 20 seconds.
  • 100ml of hot water in a cup (your water is 80% of your total serving.)


  • Ground your coffee beans in a regular blender or a coffee grinder. Make sure that the coffee beans are properly fine at the end.
  • Fill the 23 grams of ground beans into the portafilter. Level it up to remove any air pockets and make a smooth bed of coffee. Now, tamp it down by inserting the tamper into the portafilter and applying 20-30 pounds of pressure. Install the coffee-filled portafilter back into your espresso machine. 
  • Take the hot water in your cup. Ensure that it’s not boiling hot because the temperature over 80 degrees ruins the classic taste of a perfect Long Black coffee.
  • Place the cup under the spout and let magical brew drip in it for 20 seconds (in 20 seconds, it’ll roughly bring 20-25 ml of espresso)

You’ll see how this perfect black coffee with irresistible Crema fills your ready-to-drink cup of joe.


If you rock the floor this time, you’ll love to be confident with your long Black Coffee taste by thousands of servings. For this purpose, never forget to:

  • Have quality coffee beans of the same freshness and consistency from the same brand or suppliers.
  • Be even with your water temperature. A disturbed water temperature can not only break the Crema but cause nasty sour, salty or bitter flavours with a baffling smell.
  • Avoid over or under extraction because one results in harsh flavour while the other causes the thin and sour.

Can you Make a Perfect Long Black Coffee without an Espresso Machine?

The question might intrigue you, as it did me in the past. The answer is, “if you want to make a Long Back coffee, you can.” Yet, if your goal is making a “PERFECT” Long Black coffee, then it’s “never.” So, dare to have your espresso machine, as I’ve also got mine. And perhaps in one year, I have extracted over 1000s of brews for my family and friends.

Final Thoughts,

Making a perfect Long Black coffee at home is a blend of ingredients, gears, and techniques. If you follow the entire recipe mindfully, no force on the planet can stop you from being successful.

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