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Background Blend is more of an experience than it is a coffee blend. Our main goal when putting this blend together was to take you back to that very special moment of yours just with a cup of coffee: the smell of Sunday Morning freshly brewed coffee with the family or that espresso you had while catching up with an old friend. The main ingredients in Background blend are pure nostalgia and joy. To be able to deliver this vision, our idea of the perfect product was a well-balanced blend, and our master coffee roaster had the following characteristics in mind: chocolate and citrus notes, smooth sweetness and nice and round medium to full body. After a lot of research and study, we got to the perfect combination: Papa New Guinea, Colombia and Ethiopia. That was it! We finally had Background’s House Blend! We hope this blend will inspire and allow you to revive that very special memory just like it did to us.

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  • BACKGROUND’S HOUSE BLEND NOTES – medium to full body drink that is sweet and well balanced, smooth and bright, slightly citrusy when served as black and more chocolatey when served with milk.
  • RESHLY ROASTED SPECIALTY COFFEE BEANS - We carefully roast our coffee weekly so you can receive our product as fresh as it is imaginably possible.
  • PACKAGES AND SIZES – We currently have three size options: 250g, 500g and 1 Kg
  • BACKGROUND’S FILOSOPHY – Our mission as a company is “to support the development of real and consistent businesses, with partnership and respect. We do that by exchanging knowledge, stimulating learning and pro activity through coffee.”

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