Degustation Pack – 4x200g




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ROASTWORKS’ DOURADO BLEND NOTES – This is a unique world class coffee that brings a combination of high sweetness and medium acidity, with tasting notes of milk chocolate and mild cascara flavor. Three Brazilian Specialty Coffee varietals, Red and Yellow Bourbon (one of the oldest varieties in Brazil) and Acaia.
ROASTWORKS’ BOOTS BLEND NOTES – A medium roast, designed to showcase fruitiness in the cup. This blend results in a sweet brew, full of refreshing acidity, with a soft mouthfeel and dark chocolate and caramel notes. Boots is the perfect entry level blend for the world of more complex specialty coffee. Currently, Boots is comprised of two components: a natural coffee from Kochere in Ethiopia and a wonderful bourbon from Fincal el Angel in Guatemala.
ROASTWORKS’ NOMAD BLEND NOTES – Nomad has medium body, is clean, balanced and smooth. Produces a shot that can hold its own when combined with milk as well as showing refreshing acidity when drunk black. The blend is composed of two caramel and chocolaty South & Central Americans (Colombia and Guatemala) paired with a bright fruity East African (Tanzania).
RASTWORKS’ HOUSE BLEND NOTES – medium to full body drink that is sweet and well balanced, smooth and bright, slightly citrusy when served as black and more chocolatey when served with milk.