Dourado Blend


Dourado (which means golden) is our masterpiece. A real symphony in your mouth, Dourado is the perfect coffee blend to bring you shine in a rainy day. This is the kind of coffee that makes us want to get out of bed and, after a cup, it makes us feel our best for all day long, ready to reach our goals and deliver good to the world. For this amazing blend we put together 3 special coffees varietals from Brazil, two natural and one washed, both from Minas Gerais. Dourado is a combination of Red and Yellow Bourbon (one of the oldest varieties in Brazil) and Acaia. This is a unique world class experience with tasting notes from milk chocolate to mild cascara flavor.

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  • ROASTWORK’S DOURADO BLEND NOTES: This is a unique world class coffee that brings a combination of high sweetness and medium acidity, with tasting notes of milk chocolate and mild cascara flavor. Three Brazilian Specialty Coffee varietals, Red and Yellow Bourbon (one of the oldest varieties in Brazil) and Acaia.
  • FRESHLY ROASTED SPECIALTY COFFEE BEANS: We carefully roast our coffee weekly so you can receive our product as fresh as it is imaginably possible.
  • PACKAGE AND SIZES: You can purchase 200g or 1Kg bags. Bigger packs and bundles have discounted price.
  • ROATSWORK’S FILOSOPHY: Roastworks Coffee Co. is a small-batch roasting company in Sydney, Australia. Built on quality and relationships, we pride ourselves on sourcing traceable, sustainable specialty coffee which is roasted and packed to order by hand.

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